Annette Stadler

In summer 2002 Annette Stadler founded ICP Stadler. As Information Content Provider ICP Stadler has successfully and professionally served various clients from the financial sector, IT and electronic industry as well as publishing houses and agencies with content and texts for very diverse purposes. The basis of this work is a profound knowledge combined with international experience, which Annette Stadler has acquired at following positions:

  • 3i – European Venture Capital Company: building up a research department for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Technologieholding – German Venture Capital Company: responsible for PR and marketing, IT analysis
  • InformationWeek – IT journal: senior editor for networking and communications
  • Markt & Technik – Weekly newspaper for electronics and IT: editor for networking, test and measurement
  • Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg: study of precision engineering