Business and Technical Articles

On behalf of enterprises, PR agencies and editors ICP Stadler writes articles which contain economical and technical subjects. The main focus is on document management, enterprise content management, financing and electronics.

Case Studies

Case studies show potential customers how products work in reality and play an important role in the sales cycle. ICP Stadler composes authentic and lively case studies which are based on direct talks with relevant people, own expertise and additional research.

Press Releases

Articles in print and online media are often based on press releases distributed throughout organizations and companies. ICP Stadler creates press releases, which underline interesting aspects of your business. If desired ICP Stadler also completely manages the distribution to the correct media.

Consulting and Support for your Public Relation

Besides creating press releases ICP Stadler also advises companies and organizations in building up and running a press department. Customers get advice and support in production and maintenance of press databases and how to deal with journalists.

Market Reports and Analysis, White Paper

ICP Stadler produces market reports and analysis as well as White Papers which mirror coherent and concisely market situation and technical issues. The reports and analysis are individually written to fit your requirements. They put readers in the position to easily reach strategic decisions, e.g. to access and control sales markets, to acquire a company and selection of partners and suppliers.

Corporate Publishing

ICP Stadler manages the planning and production of corporate media, which provides company specific news and information to the appropriate target group. Newsletter, blogs, books and other corporate publications with journalistic attributes are important tools to create and maintain an image and a brand.

Internet and Intranet Content

ICP Stadler develops concepts and texts for your websites to present your business via the internet and to inform your target groups in a professional and continuous manner. Besides a good design internet and intranet sites need attractive content to leave a positive impression for visitors. It is important to write texts which are suitable for the web.

Financial Reports and Business Plans

Financial reports and business plans are the most important information sources for investors. Apart from figures they consist of various texts describing market situation, competition and management. ICP Stadler creates conclusive texts, which present figures, describe planned and achieved business goals in an attractive manner.


With the aid of direct contacts, special interest literature as well as press and economic data bases ICP Stadler carries out research which satisfies your specific issues. You receive information about specific sources and a summary of all results in a clear and concise form.

Speeches, Translations, Comments

Other services include writing speeches for business events or ceremonies, commentaries for publications and translations of press releases, brochures and White Papers.