Since 2002, ICP Stadler has assisted and successfully supported the following companies: 


Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics is a global supplier of products, services and solutions for industrial and commercial users of electronic components and Enterprise Computing Solutions.



The consulting company BBP arranges the strategic and financial structure of a company to achieve a positive company performance and increase the equity value.

logo-ecm is the internet portal, which comprehensively informs on a daily baisis about Enterprise Content Management, Document Management and the related hardware concepts. 



Extorel is the family office of the family Strascheg. Besides different direct investments in companies, Extorel manages liquid asset and foundations. 


Franz AG

Franz Industriebeteiligungen AG invests private equity in young technical oriented companies and supports growth financing. Apart from financial resources, companies also receive active management support. 


Markt & Technik

The independent weekly magazine for electronics Markt & Technik reports weekly up-to-date-information about markets, technical trends, innovations, management, new products and background of the electronic industry.